Hello! My name is Calen and I am a grade 12 student at Bill Crothers Secondary School. After high school, I hope to pursue a Life Science Degree to prepare me for a career in the medical field. Since a very young age, I have had a passion for helping others and giving back to my community. I have been a part of the Unionville Youth Council for six years and have found that this council has truly made a difference in my life. Being able to bring together people from all over your community and create a difference is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. This council has shown me that no act of kindness is ever too small and that every action has an effect.



Hello, I’m Miles and I am an 12th grade student who attends Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School. After High School, I want to study Mechatronics engineering at the University of Toronto. I’ve always felt drawn to doing what I can to give back to the community and help those in need. These opportunities were initially quite difficult to come by until I joined the Unionville Youth Council. Becoming a member, and now an executive of UYC has given me so many chances to be involved in countless events and projects. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to make an impact on our community and the council is now a huge part of my life.


VICE co-chair

Hi! I’m Bisma and I am in grade 10 at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School. After high school I plan to go into mechanical engineering at Waterloo. I’ve always believed that everyone has the ability to make a change and have their voice heard in their community, no matter their age, gender or ethnicity.  By joining the UYC I’ve been able to give back to my community in so many different ways, as well as meet so many new interesting people; people who I’d see every day but never talk to. By giving back, I’m not only able to physically help people, but I’m able to bring joy and smiles to so many faces, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I’ve ever had. The youth council is not only somewhere you can come to volunteer, but it’s somewhere where you make friends, where you make family.



Hello! My name is Karma Saskia Sadhwani and I am a Grade 12 student at St Augustine CHS. I am a huge fan of science and next year I plan on pursuing a Life Sciences degree to further my interest in medical research. Volunteering has always been an integral part of my life and I am grateful to be able to give back to my community. During my time on the Unionville Youth Council, I have met a great group of people who I am proud to call my friends. Together we have helped with the planning and organizing of many local projects and events that promote teamwork and the community. One of my favourite quotes by Oscar Wilde is, “the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”



Hello everyone! My name is Natalie. I am a 12th grade student at St. Robert Catholic High School. Next year, I hope to pursue studies in Life Sciences or Health Sciences for a future career in that field. Being a part of Unionville Youth Council has given me countless opportunities to give back and to partake in activities that I never would have discovered otherwise. I’ve also met so many amazing and enthusiastic people to share these new experiences with. Getting involved with UYC has truly helped me to discover how each person can do their part to make a positive impact in the world around them.



Hi everyone! My name is Nathan and I am a grade 11 student at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School. After high school, I am hoping to pursue my love for music and audio in Sound Design at Ryerson University. Applying for the Unionville Youth Council opened doors for me to new opportunities to give back to my community. Not a single event was left without a story to tell. I was able to make new experiences as well as meet the most genuine people, collaborating together towards a greater impact to the community. It is a privilege for anyone to give back to the community and I am willing to put in all of my efforts into shaping the world into a better place.