Meet the Team


Bisma ALI  

Hi! I’m Bisma and I am in grade 11 at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School. After high school I plan to go into biomedical engineering at McMaster. I’ve always believed that everyone has the ability to make a change and have their voice heard in their community, no matter their age, gender or ethnicity.  By joining the UYC I’ve been able to give back to my community in so many different ways, as well as meet so many new and interesting people; people who I’d see every day but never talk to. By giving back, I’m not only able to physically help people, but I’m able to bring joy and smiles to so many faces, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I’ve ever had. The youth council is not only somewhere you can come to volunteer, but it’s somewhere where you make friends, where you make family.

Katie BURT


Hello! My name is Katie and I am in grade 11 at Unionville High School. This is my fourth year as a member in the Unionville Youth Council and I am so excited to take on an executive position. At the moment, I am unsure of what I would like to pursue in post secondary education, however I love both the Sciences and Liberal Arts. Since joining the council, I have truly seen the value of working in local communities first hand. I have made many friends over the years in council, and I enjoy learning from my fellow members. Through volunteering opportunities, I have realized that all individuals can make a positive impact on others, if they choose to be passionate and determined.

Sharon TAI

VICE co-chair

Hi! I’m Sharon and I am an 11th grade student at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School. After high school, I hope to pursue a career in Business or Law, as I have always had a passion for them. Giving back to my community has always been an important part of my life and I have been volunteering since I was young, so joining the Unionville Youth Council has truly been an honour. Being apart of this amazing team has helped further my impact on the community around me and help those in need. While being on this council, I have been able to see the happiness and joy it brings not only the people we are helping, but to me and my friends on the council. There is something so beautiful about the feeling of giving and getting involved with UYC has truly made an impact on my life. 

Eileen WONG


Hi! I’m Eileen and I am currently a grade 10 student at TMS School. At the moment, my passion for literature and subjects associated with language & linguistics will most likely dictate my future pursuits in post secondary education. It is a privilege to take on an executive role in the Unionville Youth Council this year; since becoming a member last year I’ve grown to love the various opportunities the council offers throughout the year, which has allowed me to contribute my efforts to meaningful causes as well as learning valuable skills from others around me - be it leadership or organizational skills. The events we organize bring passionate members of our community together and make a difference by giving back; and I’m so fortunate to be able to take part in such an organization. 

Mandy MENG  


Hi everyone! My name is Mandy and I am a grade 12 student at Unionville High School. After high school, I am hoping to pursue my curiosity for history while dabbling in visual artsI believe that the most powerful thing in life is when I am able to utilize my talents to help others around me. In the Unionville Youth Council, I had to opportunity to apply my passions and skills along with other brilliant youth to mold a more inclusive Unionville one event at a time. This council not only opened doors to opportunities within the community, but also introducing me to myriad of diversely talented students in the York Region, inspiring and empowering me every time I step into Stiver MillWith a group of encouraging individuals, volunteering becomes less of a burden but more of a blessing.